From Ashes... Reborn

Escape from Darkness

The Escape

A thunderous clamor of marching is heard off in the distance, and with it, a name echoing through the forest, “Tavor”.

The party begins to clear out enough of the camp to pack it up. They inquire about the nature of the approaching forces, to which Tavor replies “They are the enemies of everyone”.

After a bit of running, the party stops for a short rest to check the map. S queries Tavor about the master of the enemy forces, to which Tavor replies “Arrakchalllhhhhkskskk”. The group tries to percieve the size of the impending force, with various amounts of success, and come to a consensus that they shouldn’t fight in their current state.

They set off to the nearby mountains, hoping to find safety within them. Yet as they attempt to travel closer and closer, they seem to get more and more off track.

Eventually they find a small hollow to hide themselves in. Calthus and Paelias try to camouflage the hollow while Rock goes off to scout. Tavor states that the enemy tends to live in these types of places, but it might be the best idea to stay and rest a little. S and Calthus talk a little, and eventually Rock comes back. Soon after the enemy force marches over the small hollow, S tries to encourage the group, yet some of the ceiling collapses onto him.

Then, Tavor hear’s their voices in his head, telling him to come out of hiding. He thinks for a bit, sending a retort back to them, but tells everyone to get ready to fight. They step out, and see horrible creatures before them known as Foulspawn, who proceed to communicate with Tavor in deep speech. They banter back and forth a bit, a slurry of disgusting sounds flying between them. Then, the Foulspawn attack.

The Battle

A beserker with a Great Sword charges at Tavor and strikes him. Calthus spins around the greatsword wielder and strikes at him, but fails to get through his armor. As the party gets close to the greatsword enemy, they find that they cannot tell friend from foe. The Foulspawn leader hits Tavor with a ranged magical attack, while Paelias attempts to use pinioning vortex against the greatsword wielder, but fails. Rock creates a field of vines and plants around the group, attempting to protect and cover his friends, and he also knocks over the greatsword wielder. The other Foulspawn launch a flurry of psychic attacks against the group, damaging both Tavor and Rock. An agile foulspawn flits about stabbing at Tavor with various daggers he pulls out of his cloak. S helps Tavor and swings at the dagger wielder, missing him, and with fury strikes at him again, hands bleeding, heavily striking the dagger wielder. The beserker strikes out at Rock from the ground, surprising him with his attack. Calthus continues to swing away at the beserker, yet doesn’t manage to strike him. The Leader throws out a wave of distortion over the group, heavily damaging Tavor and Rock. Rock flails about, trying to strike the beserker, but recuperates some of his strength. The other foulspawn attempt an attack on Tavor’s mind, and succeed, nearly bringing Tavor to his knees. Tavor furiously swears an oath against the beserker and his eyes begin to glow, and he swipes at the beserker, missing him, but continues to spin and cuts deeply into the beserker with a second strike. The beserker rises, and is struck by both Rock’s spell and Tavor’s attack. In response the beserker goes into a fit of rage lashing out at those around him. The leader fires spells at Tavor, continually striking him. Paleas creates a patch of ice under the leader and one of the others, but it fails to affect them and the leader teleports to safety. Rock attempts to strike the beserker, but once again fails. A foulspawn finally breaks through Tavor’s mental defenses. S, with a mighty heave, slashes into the beserker, a phantom silver claw rending through the distortion, stiking down the beserker. The leader strikes at Tavor again with a spell. Paleas, seizing the moment, sends out a golden magic key that strikes one of the Foulspawn, and retreats within a cloud of lotus petals. Rock sends a wave of earth towards a foulspawn, narrowly missing. The other foulspawn sends out another mental attack against Tavor, causing him great mental anguish, blood leaking from his ears. The dagger wielder sends out two daggers, hitting Tavor and S. Tavor, barely conscious, staggers towards S. S shields Tavor attempting to fend off their opponents. Calthus swings away at the leader, but before the blades connect the leader teleports away. Paleas sends out more magical keys against the foulspawn, continually striking it in the head. Rock, with a deft swing of his hammer, bashes in the side of the foulspawn. The dagger wielder flings out more daggers, striking Tavor and S. Tavor continues to stagger about, clearing away his muddied thoughts. Rock hurries over to Tavor and tries to give him a potion, but it pours out uselessly all over the place. One of foulspawn lashes out at Tavor’s mind, severely hurting him. The dagger wielder stabs Tavor, and Tavor slumps down to the ground, laughing as he falls. The others trade blows with the foulspawn, and Rock stabilizes Tavor. After a few more blows are traded between both groups, the foulspawn escape.

The Aftermath

The party, completely exhausted, goes back into the hollow to rest. When they wake, they feel stronger than before. S heads into the woods to meditate, and Calthus wakes up and curses loudly.

Calthus explains that he was entranced by a succubus, and gave Sotal the information about the king and the party. S inquires about Calthus’s relative ease about being around fire, to which he replies he is not quite bothered as much about fire.

The group then queries Tavor about the nature of his enemies and who they serve. Tavor attempts to explain the nature of their master and how he has attained his powers. After several questions the group set up camp once they reached the foot of the mountains.

The party is around the campfire, and S tells a story about past adventures. After that story, Calthus tells them about the previous encounter with a succubus. The group banters about their age, and Tavor thinks introspectively about how many lives that he has lived that he can remember. Then Calthus inquires about S’s final blow to the beserker, and S explains that it was the influence of Bahamut. Then S explains about the tatoo he has, where it shows him striking down his mortal enemy. Rock reminisces about the Icarran military.



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