From Ashes... Reborn

Escape from Sotal

Our heroes were awakened by a crash and heard the innkeeper yell about a thief. Everybody in the conscious room noticed that the door was open and ran down to figure out what was going on. Calthus noticed that the bag of holding was missing. Unfortunately, Calthus ran down to try and fight the thief without any of his armor or weapons and completely naked as well. Paelias had his cloth armor and longsword but none of his other magic items. The other heroes had all of their armor and weapons but took longer to enter the battle.

A spriggan, two rust monsters, and a dwemer (spelling?) were downstairs and tossed the bag of holding onto the ground, spilling a lot of its contents. The dwemer dissolved Rock’s magic war pick in the course of the battle. S’s armor and Tavor’s armor both dissolved slightly from the dwemer. One of the rust monsters was eating the bag of holding’s contents for most of the battle and left. The spriggan also managed to get away from the battle. The dwemer managed to be taken down by our heroes. The spriggan left the battle and Paelias chased after it in his rage but was unable to find it while the rest of our heroes finished off the remaining rust monster. After the battle, Rock gave the innkeeper a potion to recover from a wound he suffered in battle and everybody went back to their rooms. S locked himself in his room to do something while everyone else discussed their next move.

After the battle, the party rested and took account of what had been lost during the battle. Calthus and Paelias checked what was lost from the bag of holding. After finding out that around sixty percent of the gold in the bag was lost but everything else remained. Paelias next talked to Rock and mentioned that he might be able to remake the magic war pick that he lost with the residium that remained from the body of the dwemer. After the rest, Rock and Paelias got the rest of the party besides S to agree to killing Rock if he attacks his sister. Paelias led the rest the party to the last location where they met Drift and Arn. Paelias called out for Arn and Rock sang a signal song in primordial. Arn sang back and they started talking to each other. Rock admitted to Arn and the rest of the party that he was afraid that he would kill all his friends and family because of the nightmares that he has been having. Arn criticized Rock for changing by pretending that he was dead to his own sister. He revealed that Drift left to go back north because of the way that Rock acted and Arn agreed with her reasons. Arn said that he was going to be staying at Sotal and refused to join up with our heroes for the same reason that Drift left. Rock went on to talk about Wulf and a little bit of his history with him. S gave an inspirational speech encouraging Rock to not give in to his fears and make his own future and it worked wonderfully for the whole group. Paelias ruined the group bonding moment by using presdigitation to summon the image of a phoenix. Rock revealed that the other time he lost control was when he made the person who sold out Wulf’s teaching to their captors. Rock also revealed his lineage, son of Tor son of Frost son of Thorn.

Calthus wanted to try and find Eliza and the king of Brymacia. Rock wanted to get some more northern meat and drink and Paelias thought that that area would be a good place to start because we found them at the festival last time. S entered the wrestling competition and Rock entered an eating competition. Paelias followed S to his competition to watch him while looking for the king and Eliza. Tavor went off back to the inn. Calthus went off on his on to do something (edit if found out). S lost one fight but ended up winning the whole tournament. He won 400 gold. Rock unfortunately got sick in the eating competition and got kicked out near the beginning by throwing up his food despite having “good” food to eat (boar).

Calthus came back to the inn to find that there were two letters on his bed, one from Drift and the other one written in draconic. The one from Drift was in a primordial and common mix that showed that she was headed up North. The one in Draconic was from Eliza and informed S that Sotal was catching on to our group and that we needed to leave Sotal immediately and head to Brymacia. It also said the king and Eliza they had already left for Brymacia. Our heroes packed up, paid the innkeeper, and left through one of the gates of Sotal with no major problems. A storm immediately started as we left and we retreated to the forest to set up camp and prepare our next move. As Paelias was about to enter a tent and reset the map, an Eladrin from Sotal entered camp and said that they were under arrest under charges of aiding the king of Brymacia. Our heroes fought against a fey knight, three tieflings (one caster, most likely a warlock, and two melee people), and a bunch of minions. Calthus was not bothered by the fire cast on him during the battle was accused of having sex with somebody. Calthus also used another sword that lit on fire when hitting an enemy. After the battle our heroes heard chanting of “Tavor” and he said “not good”.



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