From Ashes... Reborn

Fall of a Feather

Our heroes all woke up with no screaming although Rock was not present. They decided to go to the king believing that we would find either find him before or after the meeting, or meet him there. Unfortunately, Rock was not present and the king decided to give each member an item from his armory. He gave Paelias a Farbond Spellblade. The king gave Calthus a Dynamic Belt and Elven Battle Armor. Next the king asked Tevor to step forward and gave Tevor Rock’s item, a Guardian’s Brand (a warpick), and a Foe Stone. Finally, the king gave S a Backbone belt and Mindiron Vambraces. After the king handed out the items, he wished us luck and guards escorted us out of the palace. Paelias investigated at most of the items and S looked at the items he was given.

Soon after Rock stumbled up to the rest of our heroes and looked disheveled. He did not remember where he came from or what happened. Paelias got Tevor to give Rock the war pick and he told Rock what it did. Our heroes traveled towards the Kobold’s keep. They stopped for a night and S woke up from a nightmare nearly yelling saying “You have no chance”. Next our heroes dropped by Giant’s Toe to see how it was doing. It had new walls surrounding it and when stopping into the town, there were new faces around us and a few people greeted us. We started traveling through the Ryx mountains to try and get to the Kobold’s keep but night fell and we set up camp on the mountain path. Before entering the path to the Kobold’s Keep each of our heroes except for Tevor makes a prayer to their gods. Tevor gave Calthus his campsite kit.

We traveled through the dungeon, retracing our place through the keep. Rock put symbols of primal spirits throughout the path. Throughout the dungeon the kobolds we killed were not there except for the bone priest at the end of the dungeon. The wyrm priest was still on its throne and was still burnt. The wyrm priest had a new looking skull mask on it. Calthus shot an arrow at it to check if it was dead. The tapestry that was burnt was still on the wall seemingly unburnt and when our heroes got closer to look at it the effect of the paint melting into a silver dragon happened before our eyes. Soon after the tapestry fell down and the wall started rising and left a path before us. We started walking down the path down stairs. As we got closer to the light ahead the light from behind us got cut off.

Our heroes entered into a room with a hag, some trolls, a basilisk, and shambling mounds. Paelias summoned a wall of fire to try and separate the battlefield. The basilisk actually retreated to the other side of the battlefield through the wall of fire. One of the shambling mounds ate Rock without struggle at one point but was killed by Calthus soon after. The troll caught initially in the fire went through the fire to attack Paelias. He got two good hits on the wizard but was pushed back into the fire by the efforts of Paelias and Rock. It got bloodied but retreated through the fire to try and recover. Paelias dissipated his wall of fire and attacked the troll that retreated with his magic missile but it got back up. The other shambling mound consumed Rock after two trolls missed him. Next the basilisk unleashed a green burst of poison upon the rest of our heroes. S was consumed by another shambling mound and a few of our heroes started teaming up on it. The shambling mound also managed to eat Calthus at the same time. Calthus managed to get out but S stayed in the mound but managed to attack it from the inside. Eventually the mound was taken down and Tevor teleported over to the basilisk to try and attack it. Rock managed to kill the weakened troll and Calthus killed the stronger troll when it tried to attack Rock. Tevor managed to pierce the basilisk’s head and slammed it into the ground to finish it off.

Our heroes took a short rest and traverse into the rest of the dungeon. They open a door to find themselves in extreme darkness. The door closed behind us and S called out that “your guests have arrived!”. The other form of Tevor cried out welcome, turned on the lights, and took off his hood to reveal a tiger’s face. The other form of Tevor revealed that S’s name is Shamash and revealed his clan name to be Rockgroin. He also revealed that the man with the huge sword is Kix Rockgroin. He then invited more for the fight to be a “party” and summoned minions. The other form of Tevor said he wanted Tevor for himself and they both got lifted into the air to fight each other.

Rock and Calthus got into the fight to try and attack minions. Rock got into the fight, turned into a form made of sand and popped vines around him. Despite the sand and vines, Rock took two fairly big hits from Kix. Paelias took out two minions and put Kix into the air with his pinioning vortex but more minions came down and surrounded everyone. Paelias backed up and cast an ice storm on a grou of minions but more came to take their place and three surrounded Paelias in a corner. Tevor fought his other self in the air and the Raven Queen and Orcus fought above them. Tevor managed to bloody his other self first. Rock took out a few minions with wellspring strike and managed to hit Kix as well. Kix retaliated and put a massive hit on Rock to bloody him. Calthus used his flaming scimitar to place a blow on Kix and bloody him. He beserked in retaliation and placed another massive hit on Rock to make him unconscious. S inspired Rock to get back up but he was smacked unconscious once again with the flat of Kix’s blade. Paelias used his magic dice on Kix, but nothing happened at his use of it. The dice landed on one of the fist sides. When Calthus attacked Kix, the fist that was on the dice seemed to materialize and hit Kix as well. Rock managed to wake up but Kix raged again and went after Rock and knocked him out once again with a fiery blow. Paelias used his last potion and tried to take out some minions but more came back and Paelias took a few hits. Paelias took out a good bit of minions but took a lot of hits and was barely standing. They all came back and knocked Paelias out with many a blow.

Finally Tevor took out his double and they fell together and the god’s fighting stopped. The minions instantly died and Kix’s armor melted away to reveal his actual armor to be of hide. Calthus attacked him with his fire scimitar and then S’s furious smashed him in the same way as the tattoo on his body. He said “this means nothing” but a voice boomed out “But this is” and a platinum claw crashed down on Kix and he fell down and the sword went out of his hand. Kix said he was sorry and S dropped to his knees and forgave him. Suddenly everyone, including the unconscious were teleported to a grave site but the unconscious got knocked out again after seeing a raven feather fall on the grave. S opened his locket at the grave to discover a golden key and a picture of his family. Calthus used a potion on both Rock and Paelias, but Rock woke up in the greatest pain a humanoid can have. He laughed maniacally and had no mental control or understanding of what was going on at all. S went into the dungeon with the key to where Kix body’s was. Calthus pointed out a key hole in the ground and he used the key on it to find a standard. Everyone fell asleep eventually and were greeted with a dream together where the evil Tevor talked with all of our heroes. He said that everyone must pay for their actions and that he was the one to make people pay. He came back to say that “she” was awakening and everyone woke up to a roar of a black dragon as it flew away. S put the sword that Kix wielded in the bag of holding and told nobody to touch the sword. Paelias managed to teleport rock onto a stretcher before we tried to sleep.



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