From Ashes... Reborn

Calthus and S awaken and immediately begin to vomit green slime. Shortly Tavor, Paelias, and Rock walk into the room. Paelias and Rock immediately zonk. Tavor tells them that it is day time, but is, as usual, short with words. In a mildly infuriating manner, he reveals the events of the previous day: That a tribe of snake-worshipping people were on the other ship, which had been crashed into. S and Calthus go topside and see the big-ass ship alongside them. They are introduced to the captain of the other ship, captain Riker. They discuss the situation r.e. the green goo and the snake-god worshippers. What does a group of snake-people have to gain from attacking Brymacians?
They follow Riker up on to the big ship and head into the captain’s cabin, where they see Eliza, Warren, and the King. They exchange warm greetings, and the king’s company described their escape from Sotal.When asked what the plan was for the future, the king says that once they get to Brymacia, they will assess the situation, and may have to level it if the warforged problem is too great. Riker leaves after a short while and passes Rock on the way out. Rock is filled in on the bombardment plan, and the present party discuss possible alternatives and citizen-saving measures. After a while, S mentions that he has something he would like to ask the king in private. The king responds that they have plenty of free time until they reach land. They are given dinner (fish and ale) Tavor and Calthus, still seasick, pick at it halfheartedly. After a bit, the king excuses himself. Paelias is led up as the group begins to disperse to various bits of the ship.
S returns from talking with the King in good spirits. He speaks shortly with Paelias and tries to buck up Calthus, who is being handed a bucket after vomiting from the highest part of the ship (presumably on/near crewmembers).
The day passes relatively uneventfully. As the sun is setting, a guard appears to each member of the party bearing invitations to dine with Capt. Riker. When they arrive at the captain’s quarters, they find the room spruced up and set for a nice dinner. Eliza and warren are already present, and shortly after the party arrives, Capt. Riker comes in, walks to the head of the table, and salutes as the king walks in. They discuss the next morning’s plans for disembarkation and express hopes that Brymacia will be saveable. Dinner passes without incident, and they are led back to their wee ship. They do their own little pre-bed things before heading to sleep.
They wake up in a cold sweat, screaming, after all having experienced a nightmare. Everyone notices that it was different, being about a cackling man in a pale robe and a slavering brute with a golden sword. S questions everyone about the dreams and says that the brutish man was the “abomination” he had spoken of from his past. Tavor revealed that the pale man was the one he was pursuing, and that he was probably the cause of the dreams. S admits that he knew we would run across this, or at least the brute guy, eventually, and expresses regret that he had “dragged” the party into this. Rock and Calthus soundly refuted that any sort of dragging occurred and that danger was normal for all of them. “We’re all in this together” Paelias
The party spread throughout the ship. Tavor and Paelias hear a lot of yelling from down below, which sound like S. Rock speaks to Tavor and then Paelias regarding what to do in the case of his death. S then emerges from belowdecks. Paelias approaches him and broaches an offer: to use a ritual to scry the history of S’s amulet. S, after some questions and qualms, resignedly leaves the amulet to Paelias and walks away. “It seems you all will know much more about me sooner or later anyway.” -S, paraphrase
Rock follows S and asks him to find Drift in the case of his death. S says that he wouldn’t know where to look, but that he’d try. As Rock is about to walk away, S stops him and says that, although things are going to get rough, he doesn’t intend anyone to die. Rock says that if anyone of us is going to die, he intends it to be him. They do that “y’know, I didn’t like you at first, but you’re a swell enough guy” thing. Rock then heads to Calthus and asks him to go North to put his name into Dirge Company’s death ledger. Calthus agrees.
S goes to the room where Paelias was performing the ritual to find him in the throes of some sort of seizure. S shakes him to wake him up
and then things happen that not everyone can hear.
S comes up top, once again quite chipper, followed by Paelias. A number of armored guards arrive to lead people to captain’s breakfast, and the party heads with them, minus Tavor and S. S and Tavor talk shortly about the pale man, and Tavor offers to tell S more if S will tell him his true name.
Riker, Eliza, Warren, and the King are at breakfast already, and the three who went sit down to eat. They have a pleasant enough b-fast. Tavor eventually joins them and says that S went back to his room. The present party is told that they would land shortly after noon.
After breakfast, Rock brings down food to S, who wants to talk to Tavor. Tavor has climbed to the crow’s nest of the small craft. Paelias follows the King and asks him… something. Calthus continues to heave over the side.
An armored individual walks up to Calthus and tells him that Eliza would like to speak with him. The same shortly happens to the rest of the party, being told that it’s of the utmost importance. She is furious, having found out what happened in the party’s dreams. The “abomination” from the dream has gotten her very aggravated, as she apparently knows him and is horrified that he could be waiting for us. She continues to say that the party had apparently come very close to finding something that she had been searching for: the silver dragon regalia. Apparently it had been in, or at least very near, the grand hall where the party had battled the leader of the kobolds who had been raiding Giant’s Toe.
Paelias chided Rock and Calthus for not letting Eliza and the King in on what had gone on during the dreams. The two frustratedly say that they don’t know anything anyway.
Suddenly they notice that Paelias’ hands are white-webbed like Jack’s face was. When asked, Paelias revealed that he had gone to the king and tried to scry the history of the white crystal. He had learned very little besides seeing a white dragon holding it. S scolded him, saying that unlocking dragon magic is very difficult and cryptic and that he should have consulted him before trying. Heated discussion ensues between Paelias and S. Esoterica is discussed, confuddling Rock and Calthus.
S calls out Tavor on knowing about the pale man, asking him to tell the party all he knows. Tavor reveals that the decrepit old man… is HIM. Speculation ensues. S shuts everyone up and urges Tavor to continue. “Seven hundred years ago, my soul was split in two by the evil god Orcus. Since then, every evil thing he has done resonates through my soul. THAT IS WHY I MUST DESTROY IT. And when I end it, I will end as well.” –Tavor, paraphrase. The other Tavor is far more powerful, all that Tavor hates and cannot be, but knows that when our Tavor finds him, he will end.
Rock asks bizarre and inappropriate questions about alternate-Tavor’s fighting style. And S’s nemesis’ fighting style too. Sliiiightly less inappropriate questions regarding power and threateningness are asked. There is much discussion.
In the midst of heated discussion, the cry of “LAND HO!” is heard on deck. The party looks up to see Brymacia, whole, intact, and not on fire. The general consensus is to be suspicious, that it looks too good to be true. Calthus is just happy that land is going to happen. The captain agrees with the former, and says that scout boats will be sent before landing. Rock continues to bizarrely discuss strategy on how to position the team with regards to the two legend-dudes. The rest of the party more or less ignores it.
The scout ships are readied, and Rock expresses that he does not like others throwing themselves into danger while the party sits back. The king, however, strongly urges that the party remain on the ship. The party stays on the ship, with varying levels of actually wanting to, and Rock goes with the scouting party, against the wishes of the king and the party.
The scouting party lands and makes its way up to the city gates, encountering nothing. A couple of men wearing Brymacian gear emerge from a guard house and say “halt?” There is much confusion, but the soldiers and Rock are allowed in. The gates open to a surprising sight. The city looks as if it is being rebuilt. The guards say that the warforged apparently just up and marched away and they began rebuilding shortly afterward. Search parties are still being sent for the missing king. There is no apparent reason why scouts would not be returning from there. Rock and the scout captain use their sending stones to report back to the ship.
The captain tells the party that they will not be entering the city by the front gate, but rather by a secret alcove. The party, Eliza, and the King get on a small landing craft with a few soldiers. The king appears obviously relieved to see the city intact. Calthus says that it must be nice to return to a city that isn’t destroyed.
The boat makes dock in the alcove, and the party disembarks and is shuffled into a door. They walk through a number of cellar-like areas and eventually make it to a large, nicely-furnished room, apparently one of the King’s residences. The scouts, and Rock, enter through another door. The group ruminates on how nice things seem to be, and wonder what to do next. Calthus has a sudden thought: that the two legendary bads are waiting for us, and that the same dream contained the clue which revealed to us where the silver dragon regalia lies. If things are ok in Brymacia (thank goodness) then it is very likely that they are waiting, or will be waiting, for the party in the cave/ruins where the dragon tapestry was.
The king heads out to the castle, giving the party leave to stay in the nice house, and urges them to come by the castle before they head to the destined location.
Rock and Tavor cooperate and indicate that the one, at least, could be in the general direction of Giant’s Toe. Rock asks some guards if Giant’s Toe is one of the places that hasn’t checked in, but it was apparently one of the first.
As the party settles in for bed, Calthus asks Tavor if he will re-incarnate, as his people do upon death, If he dies killing his other half. Tavor says he will choose not to, as his soul will be consumed by the other self.
The party, comfortable for the first time in a while, settles in for the night.



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