From Ashes... Reborn

Road to Brymacia

Mouth of the Pass

Rock and Tavor awoke at the base of the mountain, where they had camped the night prior, everything is quiet so Rock starts his ritual singing a march. S follows suit and then Calthus and Paelias erupt into screams, and S wakes both of them with a push. Calthus calls S Gaius and then explains that Gaius Dewfoot was his mentor. He also expresses interest in finding Gaius and S talk to them again. S then goes to fiddle with his locket. The group then quickly sets out.

The Pass and Leben

While traveling through the pass they see many people passing through of various and normal appearances, and emerge near the walled-town of Leben. Upon reaching the town gate they were greeted by two guards and S explains, who they are and inquires about the King and Eliza. The guards let the party know that they had also arrived and went on to Brymacia a day or two ahead after mustering a small force.

Venturing into the town they head to the Wary Sailor Inn, a rather pleasant and welcoming inn run by a halfling, and get their rooms for 5 silver. Calthus, S, and Tavor take one while Rock and Paelias take the other. The group quickly scatters Calthus and S to the town hall, Tavor heads to the ships, and Paelias and Rock to Trade Street.

Paelias and Rock find an arcana shoppe which for once has people other than the purveyor, apprentice, and Paelias in it. Paelias only finds reagents for one use of one of his rituals, and Rock finds enough ingredient to make two new potions.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the town of Leben, Calthus and S find the town hall for Calthus to find a map and S to see the Elder. Calthus is directed to see another man, and S is granted his meeting. The man is able to help Calthus and produces a map of the Brymacian Empire from before the last Brymacian War as well as where Falmark is on said map. When S meets the Elder, a comparatively young man with shaved head, he finds out little is needed by the town though the party is hired to flesh out and guard a skirmisher aiming to catch up the King. S is also told to check the quest boards for further work before his meeting with the Elder ends.

Tavor hits a candy shoppe. He gets a bit and then heads back to the inn after a call from S.

Calthus, Rock, S, and Tavor head to the inn to regroup before checking out the skirmisher and work boards. At the same time Paelias is led to a ritual room where he enchants Rocks old pick. The group finds out that they are to depart at dusk. They then head to a work board and see one job of interest: a local farm is attacked nightly by something that kills the livestock and even attacked the man himself. Heading out to meet with the petitioner, they meet up with Paelias who has Rock’s pick with him, and all head to see the farmer. Upon said meeting they learn a bit more of the job, and quickly set to work.

Paelias quickly found tracks and Rock was about to identify them as a digigrade lupin or canid of around his size. They decide to work on this for only an hour or so before heading back to the ship. Tavor finds a den of sorts and they head in. The cave seems to be the right place as there are carcasses everywhere. In the end of the rather deep cave the party finds a large number of naked humanoids, whom Calthus awakens, and they quickly shift. The party retreats out of the cave and decide to split into two groups one to head to the Elder the other to the farm. Before parting though Rock suggests the that there is a way to handle the entire pack with minimal death: a “hall burning.” The idea is quickly shot down by S and Calthus and a minor verbal fight between Calthus and Rock ensues and does not truly come to its conclusion.

Upon returning to the town hall, S is allowed in and is allowed a quick meeting with the Elder. S and Calthus give their warnings and then head off to the ship. The farm group in the mean time returns and informs the farmer of the werewolf pack. He tells them that he was bitten, and after Rock and Paelias examine the man Rock determines that the farmer has Moonfrenzy. Tavor convinces the man that he should be tied up though the man feels uncomfortable, but is vetoed by Rock and Paelias. So with the farmer under their watch they take him to the temple of Pelor for treatment, and handed him over to the temple for healing.

Paelias, Rock and Tavor board the skirmisher and it sets sail. Each of the party members does their own thing: Calthus climbs things, Paelias watches the skies, Rock sits with his back to the mast relaxing, S fiddles with his locket, and Tavor is eating. While it is calm Captain Leif does her rounds introducing herself to the party. Calthus pulls out his sword and gems and is seen by Paelias and Rock. When the group finally turns in, Rock started to sing and was told by Calthus to not sing that song again. And before they got tucked in S came down the rubbing his chest and being evasive. The others shrug it off and they all turn in.



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