From Ashes... Reborn

The Ship continued...

The Ship continued…

A feeling of discomfort

Calthus drops to his knees, unresponsive to our concerns. The majority of the crew has been bit, and feeling unwell. Rock gives the cook a potion, as he looks very haggard and bloody. Tavor, is still not feeling well due to seasickness, and heads up to the deck, perhaps to continue puking over the side of the ship.

Rock inquires about the origins of the crate of snakes,and him and Paleas then go and start checking a few crates for any additional snakes. Paleas thinks about the presence of the flame snake, which is magical in nature, and requires a powerful wizard to summon.

Rock and Paleas head topside, and Rock asks a sailor for a knife to skin the snakes. He tries to gut them but the knife isn’t that sharp, so he goes and fetches a javelin and turns it into a makeshift dagger. Tavor is still heaving over the side of the ship. Rock then bumbles around the ship searching for a way to prepare the fresh snake meat, and finally just asks S to heat up his shield to cook the meat.

After a short while, Rock walks around offering cooked snake to people. Paleas takes a bite and rather enjoys it, while Tavor takes one look at it and continues puking off the side.For the rest of the day, the sailors go about their duties, and eventually night falls. Paleas and Rock are down among the crew that are merrily eating in the warm mess hall. A crew member then begins pestering Paleas for a story. Tavor is helped down to the mess hall by the captain, and S follows silently, and sits in the corner, brooding. Tavor heads to bed, and Rock and Paleas have an interesting conversation. Eventually, everyone turns in for the night.

A Wrecked Dreamscape

Tavor, Rock, and Paleas awaken, screaming. Tavor snaps out of it, and the others look worried. They ask about Tavor’s dream, but are interrupted with a sudden shake of the entire ship. The 3 run topdeck to assess the situation, and find that their ship has crashed into another Brymacian ship. Rock rushes around trying to find and lower the anchor. Paleas goes to check on the crew and finds that they are asleep. He franticly tries to wake them, but nothing seems to be able to work. Tavor takes a look across at the other ship, which seems to be just sitting there anchored in the water, unmoving.

After some quick planning, Rock grapples and climbs onto the other ship, while Tavor takes watch on the deck. Paleas goes about, looking for any unwanted guests on our ship. Rock finds that the crew on the other ship is also asleep, and is unable to wake them. The other ship is large, a full war ship, and it seems that whatever made them sleep had hit them fast, as a man was asleep on the stairs. Rock attempts to raise the sails of the ship, and after much struggle for a long while, he finally raises the sails.

Rock then heads below decks of the other ship, and finds a dark room full of crates. He creeps around the ship, trying to get into other doors around the ship. Paleas sends an orb of light to give Rock vision, as he tries to discern if the doors could be picked. After a bit Rock asks how long the light lasts, Paleas replies 5 minutes, to which the light responds by going out. Rock lights the end of a rope so he can find a lantern, and Tavor and Paleas clambor aboard the warship.

Rock hears noises as he reaches the lantern, and starts hearing something speak in a slithering voice. Rock calls out to them after informing the others, and they start to speak in whispering basic, and sound rather confused. Tavor and Paleas run to where Rock is, Paleas shouting to find Rock. The voices hear the shouts, and simply reply “Theressss moooore”.

A Struggle in the Dark

Rock, standing near the lantern, is surprised by a poisonous dagger cut. Tavor charges in and sees a few standing back, whirling around and blasting a greatsword wielding human with a vengeful bolt. Upon seeing this, Paleas also rushes in and fires off a key at him. The other humans come forth from the dark and strike at us.

Rock and Tavor take a few swings at them, and miss. Paleas sends out a shock wave of lightning, killing two of them, and gracefully spins and sends out an icy patch below Rock as he pulls Rock out of the midst of them, killing several more in the process.

Tavor swears an oath and begins a furious assault against the greatsword wielder, an aura of energy radiating from Tavor as he strikes the man. Paleas forms a spectral ram, and bashes the dagger wielder to the ground. Rock calls forth a growth of plants amidst the crates, concealing his allies.

More enemies approach, and everyone continues to hack away at them. Rock gets a brutal beating and is brought to the ground. Tavor rushes in and attempts to protect Rock, sending out waves of energy, killing one of the enemies, while Paleas throws out a few spells.

The skin of the dagger assassin peels away, and his flesh forms into a giant yellow snake. Tavor lands a blow, and conceals himself within a silvery shadow, while Paleas grabs the snake within his icy grasp. Tavor’s eyes go ablaze, and he strikes at the snake, and simultaneously Paleas crushes the snake within his grasp.

Rock is bleeding out on the ground, and Tavor spins away from his opponent, crouches, and places his holy symbol on Rock’s chest, whispering “Stay with us” as he heals Rock. Paleas continues to grapple with the remaining enemy, and in turn it breaks free and runs off into the darkness.


After the battle, Tavor and Paleas struggle greatly as they carry Rock to the topdeck, and walk all the way up to the highest deck of the ship, as it looks the safest. They fall asleep, and after a long time, a bald man in an overcoat approaches and questions Paleas on his presence on this ship.

The man sends for guards, and walks off. After a time the guards come and escort us to a large meeting room, where we see the King and the others, and presumably, the captain of the ship.

After a bit of chatting, the party heads back their own ship, leaving the King and others to talk business with the captain. It turns out that when everyone awoke, they coughed up some kind of green stuff, which no one recognizes.



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