From Ashes... Reborn

Suddenly, deathsplosion! Paelias’s back was ravaged by a harsh that thing. He was knocked out. S, Calthus and Eliza went out to survey things and encountered a skeletal dude with hellhounds (maybe a couple other skeletons). Combat happened! Halfway through, noises came from the crypt and Rock and Nyx emerged to fight alongside. When the fight was finished, they came in to see Paelias tied up and with back scars from the aforementioned deathsplosion (Nyx had tied him up out of fear that he had become a zombie). The elder was also passed out. Rock was spectacularly ungrateful to the elder r.e. his resurrection and the elder got quite miffed at him.
The party decided to head out to find Tomas, whom they had been told might know something about the mysterious stone. They wandered through the city to find Tomas, led by Nyx (who knew where he had lived). They ran into skeletons, of numerous sorts (flaming, standard, blade-handed) it got hairy, with a Rock-summoned plantsplosion accidentally catching fire and being very disruptive. They managed to prevail, but for some reason Rock ran back in to get a perfectly normal sword, purchasable at any weapons store. Further wandering ensued.
Suddenly, a man ostensibly being pursued by wights appeard. The party leapt into action, striking out against the undead foes in defense of this man. Alas, he attacked us too (with were-ratness) and Rock died… again. Turns out he was Tomas, and the wights were with him, and it was all a HI-LARIOUS misunderstanding. The party returned to the crypt with Tomas (and also Rock’s mangled form). Paelias was finally awake, but rocking sick scars. Calthus, unfortunately, had been poisoned by Tomas during their foolish altercation and the group (or bits thereof) had to venture into the forest to find a cure. They discovered that Tomas knew nothing about the mysterious stone.
There was an intense altercationas because the elder was unwilling to use his final resurrection scroll on the once-again dead Rock. After the party gave up ALL of their money to the elder, he finally, grudgingly, agreed to comply. Naptimes occurred.
By the next morning, Rock had once again returned to the land of the living. The party once again headed out into the town to cleanse it of eeeeevil. The elder, with the stone, left to figure out what it was. In the central fountain plaza, an epic struggle broke out between the party and a goblin leading a horde of skeletons and zombies. So much badassery occurred (and only bad guys died!).
Suddenly, the elder ran into the plaza with the stone in hand, shouting “I’ve figured it out!”. Alas, he was cut short in his explanation when out of a building burst an enormous undead thing, which swatted Eliza through a building and broke his back like Bane did to Batman.
Even suddenlier, out of the sky swooped a young white dragon, breathing ice upon the party. They were frozen solid to the ground in ice up to their necks. Nix thought it would be a good idea to poof out of the ice, but he was swiftly returned to that state.
The dragon belittled the party and demanded that they give it the stone. The party was close-mouthed about it, and S harangued it back, ticking it off more and more. Calthus finally blurted that the stone was on the ground by the elder, and the dragon, triumphant, called off the attack and flew away.
The Party, shellshocked, dispersed to see to various things and help rebuild the town.



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