From Ashes... Reborn

We're on a Boat.

Voyage: The First Day

Tavor Ec’Shaval, Rock, and S awake under the deck to find Paelias Alagyrion and Calthus Wealdrunner screaming in their sleep. Rock wakes them up with some water, and Paelias and Calthas reveal that Rock and S’s dreams seemed to have seeped into their own. After pondering that revelation, and the ups and downs it could mean for the group, each individual goes about their morning routine – rituals, eating, and whatnot. However, Calthas and Tavor, having woken up seasick, try to take it easy on the deck. The sailors approach Calthas to help raise the mast, but seeing him throwing up over the side, the ask the rest of the group to help. S comes top-side as they are raising the mast and helps out. The mast gets raised; Calthas and Tavor throw up.

The captain goes below deck, and the group hears her scream. They run down and see a crate opened and releasing snakes, one of which is trying to constrict her.


A quick survey of the scene reveals that there are 8 Deathrattle Vipers, 1 Flamesnake, and 1 Crushgrip Constrictor, the one constricting Captain Leif. The Flamesnake strikes first and tries to set Paelias on fire, but misses. S rushes forward shouting “The Captain is the priority”, and slashes at the nearest snake. Rock runs through several snakes to try to pin down the constrictor, but failed. As the party members get closer to the vipers, each begins to feel slightly afraid of the slithering reptiles. Leif gets grabbed and bitten by the constrictor, taking a lot of damage. Calthas steps forward and slashes at the vipers as well. The vipers swarm towards the party, biting at almost everyone they can. The sailors, seeing the commotion, leave their breakfast tables and join the fray. Tavor cuts a viper, but his seasickness prevents him from doing effective damage. Seeing the Captain in distress, Paelias teleports her out of danger, and follows that up with a sleep spell, which not only effects some of the vipers, but Rock as well.

The Flamesnake strikes out at Paelias again, and set him on fire successfully. Leif, having been rescued from the confines of the constrictor strikes out at the nearest viper. S, seeing a clump of vipers in front of him, uses his Lightning Dragon Breath, and hits the two nearest snakes. Rock falls asleep, something that the constrictor takes note of and immediately takes advantage of, and gets bitten, waking him back up – short nap. The mass of vipers strikes again. Calthas lands a double-hit, and Tavor slashes on the viper that the two of them are beating up on. Paelias pushes the viper attacking him back with his attack.

Continuing on in this fashion, the battle concluded after all of the snakes were killed. Some important highlights:
  • Team defense buff via S Bastion of Defense
  • Rock in distress, dazed and confused, constricted on the ground
  • Tavor teleports across the map to aid Rock
  • Paelias uses his dice to make the constrictor fall prone
  • Rock crits on the constrictor, draining some of its life-power and enables him to get back up
  • Calthas whirlwind strikes three, throwing two of them across the room, attacking the remaining one
  • Calthas is the first of the party to kill a snake
  • Paelias tosses the Flamesnake into the air
  • Calthas killed snake #4
  • S heals Rock, who returns the favor; both of them regain almost full health
  • Paelias thunderwaves three different snakes surrounding S, killing the Constrictor, and pushing the other two back
  • S cleaves the Flamesnake in twane, and finishes the encounter with the killing blow of the last viper.



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