Originally found in Sizzit, Jack claims to have found himself on the new continent after a wild night of partying. He has come to accept this dislocation and had started living on the streets of Sizzit.

Curiously, Jack has a white-web scar on his face, nearly identical to the black-sheet scar on Paelias’ back.

Jack is often used as a resource for knowledge in the city, despite his pool of knowledge being rather low. When asked a question, he typically takes a swig of his current drink, laughs, and replies with an uncertain and/or vague answer.

When the party faced confrontation by a group of Orcs when needing to find the infamous ship, the Salt-Dog, Jack was used as collateral to avoid the battle while the party continued on to destroy the ship. Upon returning to Sizzit, Jack had been released, but had been injured by the Orcs that were holding him. The cuts were on the edges of his mouth, but the white-web scar had not been cut. Subsequently, the grunt Orcs were killed by the commander and the heads given to Jack as a gift of forgiveness. Jack carries these around as a trophy.


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