The Elder


The Elder is the leader of the town of Giant’s Toe. He was highly respected and an extremely powerful wizard.

After the party aided Nyx, The Elder used the party as a resource to help the town. When the town was being attacked, The Elder, along with Eliza and Calthas, went to Brymacia to try to get aid from the King.

When Nyx and Rock were killed in battle, The Elder helped the rest of the party retrieve some resurrection supplies from the town (which was on fire). While S went into the flaming building to get the supplies, The Elder took on a Bugbear by himself while Paelias was attacking something else.

The Elder is a very traditional individual. He was extremely insulted by Rock when he did not express gratitude for resurrecting him. Thus, when The Elder was needed to revive Rock a second time, it took much convincing and money to get him to do so.

The Elder, unfortunately, met his end when the white dragon invaded the town and one of the undead cronies broke The Elder over his knee.

The zombie of The Elder was seen later on in the pits of the Forge.

The Elder

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