Savage Warforged with a dire tiger kitten he is training to be his mount.


We came upon Warren when exploring Brymacia for the thing that was murdering nobles in Brymacia. We got a tip from a cook of some low class inn that the murderer may have been in the sewers. We entered the sewers and eventually came upon a kitten. Calthus picked up the kitten and Warren dropped from the ceiling and attacked us. After a little fighting, S convinced Warren and everybody else to stop fighting. He was killing nobles because they worked for the false king and he considered them to be traitors. We started working for Warren to try and get him to stop killing nobles and figure out everything that was going on. Ever since we freed the true king and killed the false king, he has been following us.

He is a loyal follower of the king of Brymacia and only really thinks and speaks in military terminology. He has a dire tiger kitten he has been raising to be his future mount.


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