From Ashes... Reborn

The story so far... 2

Our heroes, S, Nyx, Calthus, Rock, and Paelias started heading back to Giant’s Toe when they were intercepted by Eliza and the elder of Giant’s Toe. They took Calthus with them to be a diplomat to try and convince the king of Brymacia to send aid to the town because goblins were invading the town. When parting with Calthus and heading towards Giant’s Toe, we were ambushed by a goblin raiding party. In the course of the battle, S used his throw dragon breath and set fire to a tree which caused a forest fire. Rock used his ice form to put out the fire and some of the goblins managed to escape. We continued to Giant’s Toe and fought some goblins attacking the town with undead minions. Once we entered the town we fought a hobgoblins with some goblin minions. Both Rock and Nyx died in this battle. Rock died to the hobgoblin and Nyx died to goblins when trying to sneak, and bled out. Everybody else met up with the elder who informed us that he had the materials for resurrections in the elder’s house that was on fire. Paelias and S went to the elder’s house to get the materials but Paelias was overcome by the heat and smoke when trying to enter the elder’s house. S went through the elder’s house and got the materials by using the party’s waterskins. When in the house, S fought a flaming skeleton and got a pair of flaming gauntlets from its body. Paelias fought a bugbear that crashed out of the elder’s house with the elder while waiting for S. The elder almost got killed by the bugbear and was crushed by the body of it after the fight but did not die. We went to the crypt to try and revive our fallen comrades because it was the safest area of town. When we arrived at the crypt, we saw Calthus with Eliza fighting a skeletal tomb guardian with scimitars. Calthus got a scimitar that split into two when he pulled it out. Was not revealed until S noticed that he only had one scimitar and after lying that he lost a scimitar, it was revealed that it split in battle. The elder and Paelias started the revival, Paelias revived Rock and the elder revived Nyx.

The story so far... 1

Our heroes: S, the dragonborn warlord. Paelias, the eladrin wizard. Rock, the longtooth shifter warden. and Calthus, the elf ranger. They all found themselves in the town of Giant’s Toe when they heard a mass summons to the town hall. The town, they learned, had been subject to raiding by kobolds for a good while. The four of them agreed to team up and stop the kobold raids at their camp. They traveled into the mountains(?) and discovered the kobold base in some old ruins. After encountering some traps and beasties, they ran across the “bard” Nyx, a gnome. They killed the kobold leader and retrieved a mysterious black stone from some rubble, upon which Paelias could sense magic. This object seemed more sinister by the presence of a huge mural of a black dragon on the wall of the great hall. They headed back to Giant’s Toe.


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